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New Englander in the Pacific Northwest. Father and Husband. Full time iOS developer.

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So I’ve been watching Android a lot lately, the Droid in particular. In general I’ve been hoping for Android equivalents for my favorite applications and happily it seems like every few weeks I get a new app crossed off my list. NPR streaming just showed up it doesn’t look as good as the iPhone’s, but it’s something.

On Both

  • Pandora
  • NPR News
  • Evernote
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

iPhone Only:

  • PDX Transit (although Google Maps is integrating with very well)
  • Kindle

Interestingly there are 2 sets of DRM content that keep me closer to the Apple platforms, audible audio books and kindle digital books. Considering the Amazon MP3 store is so proud of the lack of DRM and that it is the de facto music store on Android devices. This can be summed up as a simply.