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New Englander in the Pacific Northwest. Father and Husband. Full time iOS developer.

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Merry Christmas from The Cowboy!

Merry Christmas from The Cowboy! by Animade // Ready Steady bang wishes you all a merry Christmas! Get the game!

J.S. Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 J.S. Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 - Prelude by Alexander Chen // (2011) by Alexander Chen. Video capture. visualizes ...

Seeking Symmetry

This striking Radiolab video made by Everynone was inspired by Radiolab’s Desperately Seeking Symmetry episode. Filmmakers Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercada...

The Employment

El Empleo / The Employment by opusBou // Cortometraje de animación / animated short film Ganador de 102 premios internacionales / Winner o...

Tribute to Drive

tribute to drive by tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku // music:Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor Sound design: Alexandre Poirier

Composition in Red

Composition in Red by TENDRIL // 

ABOUT Tendril is a relatively young studio and we are always looking for ways to experiment with the brand and its possibi...

A Snack for Bizzle.

Bizzle having himself a quick snack. Edit: Due to the unexpected popularity of this video, I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t use...

Operation - Bullride

Operation: Bullride “For The Guys Edit” Shot on the Phantom Flex by Michael N Sutton // Operation: Bullride “Mostly for the Guys Edit”...

Finding Oregon

Finding Oregon by Uncage the Soul Productions // Produced 2011 by Uncage the Soul Productions Ben Canales, John Waller, Steve Engman, Blake Johnson http://bi...

Your Future Husband

Your Future Husband by Bradley Jackson // “Are you ready to meet your soulmate?” This film won “Funniest Filmmaker in Austin 2010” an...

The Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is a public service ad campaign focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable, and encouraging potent...

Cosmic Clock

Al Jarnow’s “Cosmic Clock,” from PBS’s 3-2-1 Contact. A complete DVD of Jarnow’s films for PBS, as well as his independent work...


Bash Reference Card

Bash Reference CardHandful of things you should just know in Bash if you’re going to bother doing any heavy lifting with it. Also it will suck.

Swirl some sugar for Tornado

Swirl: some sugar for TornadoSwirl introduces coroutines to tornado. This is really elegant. I’m planning on using it.

Retro Grunge.


Selectivity vs Critical Thinking

Selectivity vs Critical ThinkingReally nice. Reexamine your interactions with information. Probably worth going back to from time to time.

Tomboy/Installing/Mac - GNOME Live!

Tomboy/Installing/Mac - GNOME Live!Every now and then I google this. Finally it works as I expect it to. Tomboy config dir is symlinked to Dropbox.

VMware Communities - VMware Project Onyx

VMware Communities: VMware Project OnyxGenerates PowerCLI based on the mouse clicks you make in the vSphere Client. Handy for figuring out where to start wit...

Classics in Lego.

Classics in Lego. I still get a kick out of these when I see them. There are a few clever ones in the set. I’m a fan of ‘Tennis Girl’ in pa...

Data mined by flickr

Maps of cities, superimposed by the geolocations of photos taken by tourists (in red) and locals (in blue). Data mined by flickr. Seems like a cool way to bu...


This is right next door to Jive. I will miss half & half though. makes me smile, for once

You connect the [password] reset email through web services to a pizza delivery web site. They write the new password on a pizza in hot red chilli sauce. You...

How come forks have four tines?

How come forks have four tines?In a Guardian excerpt from the forthcoming At Home by Bill Bryson, some mysteries of the home are revealed. My favorite was wh...

It was never okay.

The telephone was an aberation in human development. It was a 70 year or so period where for some reason humans decided it was socially acceptable to ring a ...

Un Dia Live

Juana Molina performing Un Dia live. So, it’s in Spanish but it has a Sigor Ros kind of feel. The lyrics blend with the music and get sampled and fed b...

Bill Maher FTW

Every asshole who ever chanted ‘Drill Baby Drill’ should have to report to the Gulf Coast today for cleanup duty.— Bill Maher (via asprettyasasong) (vi...


The Boars deal with all the time traveling. via grickle

Chuck Klosterman FTW

It is important to have questionable friends you can trust unconditionally.—— Chuck Klosterman, Downtown Owl

Old Old Fashioned

Acoustic version of Old Old Fashioned off of the (excellently titled) Midnight Organ Fight by the Frightened Rabbits.


webkit2pngKiller. Dead simple, in python, links to a linux equivalent.

Clearing out some browser tabs - This looks very cool, a bliki built on django. The interesting thing is it is backed by github and evernote rather than a traditional db. Th...

Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot (from syracuse). Excellent song, love the lyrics, tempo, and video. Almost as good; Wes covers it in his side project with Rostam (from Vampire We...

You’re thinking of Jesus.

Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You’re thinking of Jesus.—John Fugelsang (via fyeahsocialism) (via jewd...


SupervisorPython watchdog / service daemon. Looks classy and I like the platform support.

Rio PMP300

Rio PMP300 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tecmo Bowl Throwback

Tecmo Bowl Throwback - remake on PS3 Network and Xbox Arcade. I’m looking forward to playing again, it is the only football game I was ever any good at...





Pretty Woman

If you watch ‘Pretty Woman’ backwards, it’s a movie about Richard Gere turning Julia Roberts into a prostitute.—mattwestcott

Books & the Future

A while ago Rands posted about books and what they say about their owners.

Mayor of the North Pole

Mayor of the North PoleLovely story about what happens with an open api and growing pains. Really creative with his accounts and check-in on foursquare. I th...

kill -0 | final cog

kill -0 | final cogI must admit, after a decade of working professionally with unix/linux, that I had never encountered kill -0 until TODAY.

Welcome | Ibis Reader

Welcome | Ibis ReaderWeb based ePub reader, works on the iPhone and the Androids. Pretty cool.

btail - a bayesian log filter

btail - a bayesian log filterBtail monitors a logfile for specific events. To do this it uses a bayesian filter to determine what events are worth passing th...

Irradiated Software - SizeUp

Irradiated Software - SizeUpWonderful. This gives me the keyboard shortcuts I’ve been looking for to move windows and do basic tile management. Also ma...

A Synthesis

What if instead of human versus machine we played as partners? My brainchild saw the light of day in a match in 1998 in León, Spain, and we called it “Advanc...

iphotoexport - Liberation?

iphotoexport - Liberation?iphotoexport allows you to export and synchronize your iPhoto library to a folder tree. It preserves both the original and modified...

I was not a werewolf

One, I was not a werewolf. Two, one of these bastards was an amazing liar. And three, the other guy was a total moron. I just couldn’t figure out which...

Social IT Software

Social IT SoftwareI’m surprised the footprint is so large and I haven’t heard of them. Interesting stuff though.

Calvin and Hobbes

Q: How soon after the U.S Postal Service issue the Calvin stamp will you send a letter with one on the envelope?


ShareFireI’ve had no luck with rss readers native to linux. If anyone has any suggestions feel free, cause this is the best I’ve found.

Turbo Tax is a Dick

Turbo tax tries to screw you out of the $19.95 e-file fee for state taxes. Just mail your state taxes in, only e-file federal. The only downside is TurboTax ...


Sysadmin is changing. Glad it’s still open source.


I like the title of the original post the best … Distúrbio de Déficit de Atenção

Jive Turkey

So I plan on posting a little roundup of my first week at work. But it’s safe to say it’s going pretty well and I’m enjoying it quite a bit...

Craig Ferguson FTW

Craig Ferguson is the best late night show still. His monologe shows why, in other news. Donate to Haiti relief.


SnapsortLet’s you compare and choose camera’s. Nice tool.

Applications I Use on OSX

Applications I Use on OSXI’ve been keeping this reasonably up to date. Again due to the migration that’s coming up I wanted to make sure it’...

Firefox Addons

So I’m getting ready to format and reinstall from scratch on my macbook. I’m doing a little do diligence for keeping track of some of the crap I ...

Top Artists.

Totally digging my music profile from and

visualvm - Home

visualvm: HomeAll in One Java Troubleshooting tool. It looks cool.

Ray Bradbury FTW

Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, reme...

Nexus One

Google is now in the phone business. It is competing with phone makers, including all of its partners that have licensed Android for use in their own phones ...

The Blues Brothers

It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it!—Elwood, The Blues B...

The Princess Bride

Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!—Vizzini, The Princess Bride



Magnetic coffee sleeve. This is actually a pretty sharp idea.

Responsible Open Source Code Parenting

Responsible Open Source Code ParentingAs usual Jeff Atwood is dead on. Gruber is very much an apple kind of guy and the way he’s been running markdown ...

Persona Diptych

I love this photo set of Persona Diptych’s on flickr. A diptych is any object with two flat plates attached at a hinge. In the ancient world these were...

Waking Life

A little clip from a movie I loved, ‘Waking Life’. I watched it again over the holiday and found it didn’t age as well as I hoped. The part...


I think this pretty much sews up the argument.

Hunter Stockton Thompson FTW

A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.—Hunter Stockton Thompson


wonderful shot film of what-ifs.

The Tick FTW

Alone is an unfortunate predicament. Lone is an aesthetic choice.—The Tick

Carlin FTW

I have had very few heroes in my life—mostly they’re people who’ve been arrested.—George Carlin (via marco)

New christmas stocking

Jamie’s mom made me a stocking. (jamie’s is a ballet slipper, her mom’s is a high heel, etc) I got converse :)

Hudson Whiskey

Whiskey from the hudson valley. It’s pretty tasty. Buzzco you should find it.

Through a fence.

I took this through a fence. I like how the reflection looks so much cleaner than the real world.


Great little computer animated short film from Rodrigo Blaas. Another example of Vimeo having stellar content.

Oh hell yes.

Oh hell yes. Jamie and I are totally making these things.

Tiny concert with Bon Iver

Bon Iver does a good job but there are just so many great performances in here. I’ve been listening to them all morning while I work.

Bukowski FTW

Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.—Charles Bukowski

Last minutes with ODEN

I like vimeo a lot, it has taken a long time to grow on me but I think it’s content sets it apart. It has gained a reputation as catering to a high end...

Santa Con 2009

Someone with a megaphone is claiming to be the real Santa. The rest disagree.

Passive Monitor

Passive MonitorGood ideas for passive monitoring of a system. I like simple pieces that bolt together. Complexity begets complexity.


tarpipeThought it was cool, turns out I don’t really like it. Seems something like meets yahoo pipes.

The People Speak

The People SpeakLoosely based on Howard Zinn’s ‘A People’s History of the United States’. Excellent collection of performances of Let...