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New Englander in the Pacific Northwest. Father and Husband. Full time iOS developer.

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Rationalizing the purchase of an iPad usually includes a few of these:

  • I’ll carry it around most of the time.
  • I’ll be able to replace my laptop with it.
  • I’ll be able to replace my Kindle with it.
  • I’ll bring it on trips instead of my laptop.
  • I’ll respond to email with it.
  • I’ll get work done…
After a month of heavy use, I don’t think it’s good for any of those.

So that’s not the punch line. He goes on to say it’s handy as an in between device but an iPhone does better mobile, a kindle is a better book, and a laptop is a better computer. Full story for me is, I *have* the other things and I still like $500 dollars more than it.